Today we have put together a list of 5 PRACTICAL ways to organise your life, email inbox and house
Start your day by writing down your tasks for the day. Pro Tip: Do the task that you dread doing the most first. It will ease your mind for the rest of the tasks. 

Carry a notepad around with you. Write everything you are thinking about down on paper. I say paper and not the notes app on your phone, because paper doesn’t have notications and text messages to distract you. 

If you live with your family/boyfriend/girlfriend give them household tasks to do, as well. Many people think that being organised means doing everything yourself. False. Being organised also means delegating tasks in order to get stuff done faster and/or on time. 

Don’t let your inbox pile up (too much). Once a week or maybe even once a month, unsubscribe from email lists, make sure that you have responded to everyone and delete anything you don’t need. Pro Tip: have time slots to check your email throughout the day

Purge and de-clutter a section of your house every month. Get a black bag and bin everything that is broken, you no longer use or simply don’t need. If you can donate it, then please do. 

What are your tips for staying organised? Let us know in the comments! 

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