Blogmas: 25 Blog Post Ideas

If you didn’t take part in Blogtober, you may consider taking part in Blogmas. The objective is the same, a fresh blog post each day from December 1st to the 25th ! Planning is key, so it’s good to start now. 

So we have put together 25 ideas for you to get started:

  1. Gift guide for him
  2. Gift guide for her
  3. Gift guide for pets
  4. Gifts under a certain price
  5. Advent calendar review
  6. Top Christmas films
  7. DIY Christmas craft
  8. Christmas room/house/flat tour
  9. Favourite festive candles
  10. A reflection of your past year
  11. Your goals for the new year
  12. Tips on saving money around Christmas
  13. Office party outfit ideas
  14. Visit a market and document it
  15. Last minute gift ideas
  16. Roundup of your popular/favourite posts
  17. Your Christmas wish-list
  18. Your favourite Christmas traditions
  19. Document your Christmas day
  20. What Christmas means to you
  21. Your favourite festive foods
  22. Your Boxing Day shopping wish-list
  23. Your Christmas memories
  24. Interview another blogger about their Christmas
  25. Roundup of your favourite posts from other bloggers

Even if you choose not to take part in Blogmas, you can still incoporate these ideas in your normal blogging schedule. Have you started to make plans for Blogmas? Let us know in the comments!


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