7 Things You Need To Do Before Pressing Publish

You have completed your post and are eager to press “publish” but hold on! Have you done the following? Here are the 7 things you need to do before pressing publish!

1.How does it look?
Preview how the post will look once it is published. Are the paragraphs well spaced out? Is there enough white space? Could you add an image to break things up? You want to make it easy to read – whatever device a reader uses.

2.Make it look appealing
Add a relevant image that has been titled BEFORE being uploaded to your platform and given an alt text, too. Yes, images are also part of your SEO and will help your blog get found on search engines.

3.Link it back
Link back to old relevant posts of the same topic. Deep linking as its known. This is a  great way to keep readers on your blog for longer and of course increasing your views, DA ect and decreasing your bounce rate.

4.Make it easy to find
Make it easy for your readers to find other similar posts by categorising and adding tags to your post. If readers liked your post on 31 blog post ideas then they will likely want to read your post on ways to come up with fresh blog content.

5.Get feedback
Prompt readers to comment by adding a call to action at the end of your posts. A quick way to do this is by asking a question relevant to the post. Don’t forget to respond to comments, too!

6.Proof-read it!
Re-read the post.  Maybe get someone else to read it. Spelling mistakes and an array of different fonts or text formats are annoying and distracting. Don’t lose readers due to this. You can also Grammarly if you want to make sure it is squeaky clean.

7.Optimise it
Optimise your blog post title with the use of SEO. If you need a helping hand, use this headline analyzer by Co-schedule. The higher the number, the better the post title. Remember, you are not only writing for your current followers but new ones.

So there you have it! The a quick list of 7 things you need to do before pressing publish.

What is your favourite tip from the list above?
Let us know in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “7 Things You Need To Do Before Pressing Publish

  1. These are some really tips! The headline analyzer looks like it’s going to be really useful for me. And I really have to start remembering to link back to old posts.


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