These are no rules to using social media, but some etiquette does go a long way. We will also discuss a few ways to make social media benefit you as a blogger. 

Don’t be that  person
When making a comment on a social media post, keep it relevant. Comment on the caption, the photo itself, ask a question. Don’t self-promote as that may get you blocked. Follow instructions. If it says retweet, do it. If it says tag 2 friends, do it. Don’t miss opportunities due to the lack of  following simple instructions, especially when contacting brands for collabs.

Plan Your Social Media Posts. Seriously
Always have posts scheduled in advance to promote your blog posts. Tweets are only “relevant” for 3-4 minutes so don’t be afraid to promote the same post repeatedly. For example, promote it 3-4 times a day for 1 week at different times. Plus, don’t ignore your old posts that didn’t do so well the first time you posted it. Promote those too.

Make connections with other bloggers
Comment on social media posts Get involved in twitter chats. Ask to be added to Facebook groups and Pinterest boards Don’t be afraid to reach out. You will find someone who is like-minded like you in this community. Approach people with no expectations of anything in return unless that is the purpose of the interaction.

The Dark Side
Finally, something that a lot of us have or will face in the future. Trolls. The internet can be a cruel place. People hide behind fake profiles spewing their self-hatred onto you. You can either fight back or rise above it. We recommend the latter. Utilise the mute, unfollow and block button as you wish and take a break.

*Bonus quick tip* 
Make it easy for people to contact you. Always add a point of contact in your bio.

What are some pet peeves that you seen bloggers do on social media?
Let us know in the comments

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