Do you feel like you have written about everything? Then this is for you…

Coming up with fresh blog content can sometimes be a struggle so we have come up with 6 tips to come up with fresh blog content.

Tip 1
Look at your blog/Instagram/Twitter comments. Have your readers asked any questions? Put them together in a list for a blog post.

Tip 2
Look at your past blog posts. Can any information be updated or be made into a part 2? Then do it. And link to the old post in the new post

Tip 3
Be involved in the community for inspiration and to find bloggers that can collaborate with.

Tip 4
Create a series on your blog for example;

  • give readers an insight into how you manage and promote your blog,
  • a numbered list of your favourite things
  • interview bloggers from a particular category

Tip 5
Put together a list of your best posts or you can be more specific and put together posts from the same category.

Tip 6
Reflect back on your life from the past few months or weeks. Is there anything that you would like to update your readers on? Share an update on a topic you feel comfortable with!

*Bonus Tip*
Cant think of anything to write? Just do a post of your month in pictures.

Share a tip below in how you come up with new blog content

3 thoughts on “6 Tips To Come Up With Fresh Blog Content

  1. At the moment, coming up with content is reasonably easy. I’m new to blogging, so all my past experiences are there to blog about. Plus with Halloween, Christmas and New Year on the horizon, there’s never going to be a problem. But thank you for these tips for when the going gets tougher!

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